Moving, Costco and a blender

After spending much of the day in Family Restrooms… because that’s what families with a 5 year old and a baby do, they hang out near or in public restrooms. Mostly in them.

We were in the city to shop for furniture after the ‘Great Move’.

And of course, when I say ‘Great’, I mean terrible. But I also mean, epic. It was spectacular in it’s chaotic characteristics. It wasn’t even so much the fact that it went poorly… because it didn’t. It went well. Many people showed up to help, worked very hard and we were so blessed by it. But we were still moving the following day. And the one of after that.

During our long moving career, we have gone from house to house… big, small, odd, old and now new. It has felt like watching a child try to inflate a balloon for the first time. You know when they exhale and the balloon inflates, but then they inhale the same air and it deflates again? Have you seen that? Yes, I don’t doubt it. And so our stuff and ourselves have been packed into a small space, then suddenly inflated throughout a larger place only to once again be compressed back into a smaller one.

This time we thought we would outsmart the cycle. Our plan was to give away most of our mismatched belongings (like furniture) and then rebuild once in the new but smaller house, thus magically ‘fitting’ into the new place. Well, we got rid of many things, but somehow the other house had so much storage (and not at all in one centralized location) that we had managed to accumulate a plethora of belongings so great that… well, enter the ‘Great Move’.

…and subsequent to that, we find ourselves in the city, still reeling, exhausted and shopping for ‘stuff’.

We decided to finish up the meat grinder day at Costco, somehow managing to stay focused enough to load up the cart with our list items and we were starting for the tills… I was feeling plagued by this feeling that we were forgetting something. Then I saw it… The Vitamix roadshow demo.

‘Allie, look over there!’ I pointed, directing her gaze away from the warehouse sized bin of apples. 20 minutes of smoothie samples and grain grinding demos, we were again headed to the tills. This time with a Vitamix blender. Now, before you fault us for falling for costco roadshow demo sales, you need to understand that this particular blender has been on our ‘to buy’ list for years. In fact, I had donated Allie’s old blender mere days earlier promising her..

‘I’ll buy you a food processor.’

If you’re into eating healthy you probably can understand the value of a capable blender/juicer/processor. Salads are tremendous amounts of work, make you feel like a rabbit gnawing through vegetation and just generally take a long time. Smoothies on the other hand… sweet! We wasted no time in using it.

Puts a smile on my face.


That moment when…

You finish brushing your teeth before bed and suddenly realize you’re ravenously hungry.

Now what?

Sitting alone in the dark at the kitchen table eating a bowl of plain Shreddies with honey and milk, that’s what.

Wracking brain for something to write in a blog post. Nothing.

Place empty bowl in sink and head back to bedroom.

NOW it’s time for bed. Teeth brushed a second time…

Browse WordPress on phone, while laying in bed.

….compulsively start blog post.

Google pictures of chocolate cake to use as a post heading because it’s too late to go take a picture of something good in the fridge.

Finally find a picture of cake on Pinterest.

Feeling accomplished hit ‘publish’ post, clicking phone off and place it on nightstand.

1:23 am.

Hungry again.


That time I made a salad

img_4691-1Which of course was today. Allie put a roast in the crockpot this morning so I decided to help by making a salad.

I don’t cook very often; partly because I’m not really great at it and partly because Allie is. In fact, she is a fantastic cook. And baker for that matter.

My endeavors in the kitchen often seem to end with mountains of dirty utensils, spilled ingredients and not a lot to show for it.

Today though I was motivated to help from watching her struggle to do EVERYTHING.

Our son Brenden is 5 so he’s pretty self sufficient, but our daughter Kezia is less then two months old. Allie is up many times in the night to feed her, and then powers through the day cooking, cleaning, laundering(just clothing) and generally accomplishing stuff.

Under normal circumstances, I make ever effort to help, but for the last two weeks I’ve been recovering from minor surgery on my shoulder and Allie has been doing tirelessly taking up the slack.

I’m stirring gravy for the mashed potatoes as I write this on my phone…

Rarely do I encounter gravy with a meal when it fails to conjure up this clip from Conspiracy Theory:


Perhaps you are having something enjoyable for dinner as well –  I hope so. If you’re not, please accept my sympathies.

oh, by the way, I finally wrote something more substantial under the ‘about’ tab so take a peek!


So unfortunately, I also made the mashed potatoes. No, you’re right, that whitish blob that has settled into the plate like self leveling grout IS the mashed potatoes.

I don’t know what happened.