Oh Brother

So we needed a printer.

Our previous printer has successfully weathered it’s second year stored in our garage. It was an inkjet and we could no longer find ink for it. At least, not for a price any sane and reasonable person would consider paying. So there it sits. Waiting.

As I said, we needed a printer. I have been making do by completing any printing we required at a friends house, but that needed to stop. Procrastination tends to end in inconvenience and I finally tired of leaving the house just to print a form or an email enough that I buckled in to my desk chair, did my research and ordered a new printer.

I went with a color laser printer. A Brother HL-3170CDW Colour Laser Printer to be exact.

Our printing needs include legal forms, letters, Pinterest and crafty type printing, educational activity books for children, the odd picture or chart and just regular text. Other needs included: toner/ink availability and low cost replacements, small size and Airprint compatitable.

Note on printing photos: I went with a laser printer because we don’t need high quality photo printing. With the ease and low cost of ordering prints from places like costco, walmart etc owning a dedicated photo printer just doesn’t make sense.

Bottom line:

-Shipped to my door in a few days

-Package included toner cartridges which my 5 year old was able to help me install

-Plug and Play printing: after connecting the printer to my wifi which was a breeze, we were able to print effortlessly from our smart phones, computer and tablets.

-Completely wireless

Update: We’ve had this printer for a couple weeks now and I remain very impressed with the quality of print both for color graphics and text. We use it nearly every day and we are very satisfied with every aspect of its performance.