Because we hadn’t done anything interesting or particularly exciting recently we felt a family Road Trip would be best suited to break the doldrums (kidding of course; this trip was pre-planned long ago which is why it ended up being so inopportune in timing)!

Never-the-less, we saddled up the truck and off we went, heading west. 

sign  Amazingly, while careening down the highway doing the old ‘post departure inventory’ in our heads (not sure why one does this; should you think of something you forgot it’s too late anyway and only serves as a source of stress) we felt self satisfied at concluding that we hadn’t forgotten anything. Although perhaps our self satisfaction was misplaced as we were bleary eyed and had missed way too much sleep prior… I doubt we could have picked out anything we’d forgotten anyway. Still, at the time we felt sensible enough. Besides, it was much later then we had intended to leave and the daylight had broken nearly an hour ago… adding to the illusion we were fully coherent.

So anyway, there we were… a baby, a 5 year old, 2 adults and 1 loaded truck, careening along.

Que the wild horses. Now, I’m not an expert on horses so; were they indigenous or merely domestic animals gone wild… I don’t know. But they were there, on the side of the hwy somewhere near the middle of nowhere. Of course, we stopped for pictures…


Well, on we traveled, enjoying both the anticipation of what was yet to come and the freedom to explore the road ahead.

…before you start to worry that I’m going to narrate the whole of our trip in glaringly monotonous detail, let me assure you I’ll be both succinct and speedy.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then perhaps you’ll enjoy these wordy glimpses of the rest of the day’s journey:


roadpoachers point

Brenden and I exploring Poachers Point while Allie fed Kezia
tunnel3 amigosyohoice

After swapping out our home province for our nearest neighbor and close to 12 hours on the road we finally pulled in to our hotel for the night; successfully and happily completing the first leg of our journey. 

This was the view from our hotel window:


If you enjoyed these, stay tuned as I will be adding further updates as we venture on.


Good night.


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