Remember when…

You moved last?

Boxes everywhere. Stubbing toes. Searching for that roll of packing tape you just used. Frozen dinners.


Yeah. It’s here.

Don’t hear me wrong, I have an amazing team mate who is ultra organized and never lets the chaos get out of hand. Allie is tireless. When I am tempted to huddle up in a corner boxed in by wayward furniture, she always has a plan. In fact, she’s already planning our family holiday for later on this spring. I’m not kidding, she’s booking a hotel as we speak.

But stuff is still everywhere. Brenden is feeling unsettled… roaring around the house with his dinosaurs. Kezia is laying on a playmat on the floor with a mobile above her.

I feel like I should apologize for how quiet it’s been here… but maybe I don’t need to, maybe you don’t mind or care.

It bugs me though; having a place to write and not having time to write anything. I’ve been trying to write a post here for a week now, and all I’ve accomplished is this. I will be back… I will be more dedicated.

All of us are looking forward to getting settled in the new place! It’s undeniably better. When you’re moving forward in life, sometimes we have to unsettle the status quo to be able to step into the extraordinary. When you stop making corrections in your life, that is when improvement ends.

Like the box in the picture points out… this way up.

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