I wrote this a few years ago after my wife and I experienced the first of three miscarriages.



I watch the rise and fall

Soft sound of you breathing

Your quiet face peaceful as

The light plays over you sleeping


Holding you carefully safe

Your innocent laugh delights me

As I kiss your head and smile

Precious blessing in my arms


Running, your curly hair bounces

Radiant in the Spring light

Pulling a trail of dandelion seeds

Floating down to the music of your voice


As morning light wafts in,

Opening my eyes to another day

My dreams of you slip away again

And you’re gone away from us


You’re home now, you’re home

And your eyes drink in the beauty,

Engulfed in Light’s warm touch

You’re home now and I miss you,

Little daughter I miss you so much

We’ll be there soon, please


Don’t change little darling

’cause we’ll be there soon

Remember we’ll see you soon

We’ll hurry there, so soon


Daily Prompt: Devastation

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