So we started looking for a new house to rent. We have to move. I hate moving.

Our neighbors are noisy.img_4729But it’s not just our neighbors.

It’s that the washing machine and dryer are adjacent to Kezia’s room (so either she sleeps or the laundry gets done). It’s that our breath crystallizes when we head into the basement. It’s that we had flooding issues last summer. And finally, it’s that we are paying WAY to much for rent.

Allie and I have been married for nearly 11 years now and through most of that we have been small business owners/operators. Budgeting has never been simple for us and we’ve struggled to make it work. More often then not expenses far outpaced our  income.

(not actual amounts)



<- This is stressful…



…and feels like this:

Over several years though, we’ve been learning to be ruthless with our budget lines and force ourselves to make changes to various lines so that the whole mess balances. [More on this later]

Sadly the rental market is dismal here and I’ve been feeling depressed about it all week.  Allie kept at me to trust God for provision and be persistent in looking for ‘the better’ solution…

As it turned out, we found it. The house is gorgeous inside and perfect for our needs. But the best part, it’s HALF what we’re paying now. Thank God for that! It’s amazing the relief that came with this. I’m ecstatic that we will no longer be drowning under our current rent payments.

Allie is downstairs packing… I should go join her.



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