I spent several hours yesterday looking through our home photos. I was looking for pictures I could use as post photos here, but ended up spending hours pouring through memories.

The laptop was set up on the kitchen table along with our old DVD catalogs that I dug out of storage. I found so many little video clips and pictures of our son, Brendan, most of which I had completely forgotten about. There were also many old pictures my wife and I took while on dates or Sunday afternoon walks. As I watched and looked at each picture I was instantly brought back to where and when it was taken, like a time machine. I re-lived the moments. Most of them beautifully intricate in their detail and absolutely laden with emotion.

It was like an all you can eat buffet. And boy did I eat….

Success was a by product of my Memory Binge, but none the less, present. Locating several photos I could use here to Segway into blog posts, I piled them into a folder to pick from as I go. Each photo uploaded to this page was taken by either my wife or myself. Hopefully you find them enjoyable. I do.

Hopefully you’ll be patient with me as I learn where to put everything. I’ll have the ‘about’ tab updated soon!




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