First Post


It’s interesting the types of emotions the start of a new year brings. To varying degrees, everyone will tend to view the beginning in a slightly (or not) different light… based off their personal experiences and situations. Born out of some degree of ecstatic elation or bitter desolation.

However, despite your particular facet, There is the inherent excitement that sparks and then lingers in our imagination; not unlike the massive starburst of a firework exploding after the countdown. Something about our nature leaps at the chance to be free from the rock solid earth of our everyday experience. To dream. To break free and soar on currents of previously unimagined possibilities.

Inevitably though, the brilliant embers of sky high potential run out of momentum and fall to earth, extinguished and soon forgotten. What happens next is what seperates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

The ordinary; a dismal infusion of necessity steeped in day after day.

The extraordinary; birthed out of unwavering determination and purpose. The truely EXTRAordinary only comes about by a metamorphasis. The crushing fusion of select elements morphed into something valuable by the unstoppable force of will and time.

Here we are, you and I, standing at the edge of unrealized potential. Goals. Dreams. Desires. May this year, 2017, be witness to the realization of our most epic imaginations! Heres to growth, success and the extraordinary in your life and mine!

Happy New Year! Please feel welcome here. More to come.


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